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Management consultancy services

Management consultancy services

Management consultancy services

   3)  Project Management Consultancy

  • Project reports
  • Technology evaluation
  • Project Budgeting, Monitoring and control
  • Site Supervision and Man Power deputation
  • Inspection services

EPC – Solar Power Plants

On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar PV Roof top & Ground mounted systems (Standard and Customized mode)

  • MNRE approved Channel Partner for On-Grid & Off-Grid.
  • Setting up Solar system in available Unshaded Roof-Top Space
  • Setting up Solar system in Ground Mounted based on need (Normal & Elevated structure for dual benefit of cropping as well as Power)
  • MNRE Approved Solar PV Panels / IEC Certified Invertors / Standard & Quality Balance of Systems (BoS) with ease of maintenance, Trouble free working, Long Life Performance ( 25 Years )
  • Can be provided with Net Metering facility by which Excess power can be exported to Grid
  • Customer friendly Battery Back-up for Off Grid Systems

Engineering Consultancy on Solar Package

  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Techno Economic Feasibility Study
  • Design, Engineering & Construction Services
  • Grid Connectivity Assessment
  • Solar Field Assessment – Shading & Obstacles Analysis
  • Resolution Management
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Bid Process ( both CAPEX & OPEX )
  • Evaluation Management
  • Sourcing & Procurement Assistance
  • Project Structuring & Monitoring from concept to commissioning
  • Operations & Management monitoring
  • Nodal Agencies / Transmission Organizations Liasoning